about me

Hi! I’m Meagan, and I want to take your picture.

I am based in Grand Rapids, Michigan during the summer and Northwest Iowa during the school year. My style varies depending on what I’m shooting, but I really enjoy taking soft yet colorful photos, especially portraits. I’ve been taking pictures since the early age of four, when I went to McDonald’s for lunch after pre-school one day and received a tiny camera in my happy meal. Since then, I’ve slowly improved in ability and equipment, and now desire to share my art with others.

I’m not a professional yet by any means, but I’m learning and improving with every photograph I capture. You can take advantage of my student status: my photography services range in price from $1-100 rather than the $100-$1000’s you’d pay for a “professional”. My rates start at $50- you can find more information here. So take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think. If you decide to allow me to photograph you, I would be thrilled to do so. You can contact me here to chat about pictures you might need and to schedule sessions.



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